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It's OK! You're not the first person to ask me what I do, and you won't be the last. 

Listed below are some of my specialties- not my limitations. If you're wondering how I can help you with something else, please feel free to ask

Copywriting & voice Branding

The most important thing my sales career taught me was this: people hate to be sold to.

These days, the voice of our brands must effectively communicate our product/service while also being helpful, affable, and consistent. Not sales-y.

Copywriting includes everything from the "about" section on our websites to the verbage on our packaging. As we know, saying the right things could mean the difference between somebody passing up or investing in our business.


I've worked with restaurants, freelance designers, fitness centers and retailers to help create relatable, trustworthy, and revenue boosting voices for their brands.

Content Writing

These days, content is king! Having consistent content like blog posts, instagram posts/stories, and tweets are pertinent in keeping your customers engaged and interacting with your brand. 

The tough part is keeping up! Let me help.



Me and my partner over at Doug Does Design team up to either rebrand your website or build it entirely from scratch. Together, we collaborate to create a modern, dynamic, and relatable look and feel; all while keeping content easy to read and consistent with your brand's "voice".

For examples, head over to my Portfolio and look for Doug's logo next to the sites we've collaborated on!

Résumé & Cover letter


For some of us, a resume and cover letter will be the two most important documents we'll ever write. 

Using google docs and voice calling, I help clients meticulously edit/rewrite their resumes and cover letters so they can land the career of their dreams.

It's crucial that we're properly communicating our skill sets when searching for the right job. I can maximize the effectiveness of these personal (and often tedious) documents easily and quickly by appointment.