Judy Russ

Writer. cook. Coach.

Cooking and writing use the same methodology- they're both crafts of research, technique, and time. Compelling end results, both plates and pieces, are the product of endless hours of experimentation and adaptation.
At the end of the day, cooks and writers must ask themselves the same question: have I created something truly delicious, or merely palatable?
Behind the line, I discovered this uncanny link between composing copy and cuisine. I also began connecting the dots between food and feelings; the ways simple ingredients and dishes comfort, disturb, move, and inspire us.
With more than 10 years of experience in both the food and wellness industries, 2 in sales and marketing, and 3 as a self employed copywriter and essayist, I approach all of my endeavors with punctiliousness and fierce curiosity. 
This, combined with natural empathy and a penchant for leadership, is a recipe I feel confident serving to anyone hungry for a little perspective.