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Judy Russ

Essayist, copywriter, poet, cook

Hunger is what creates unforgettable work. 

When I'm passionate about something, the last thing I'll do is write about it.
First, I'll explore it... digging into it with a discerning eye, exhaustively researching its contents from top to bottom, left to right. Then, I'll decide what it means to me and exactly why that matters. Last, I'll theorize its relevance to the broad scope of humanity. Finally, if I'm able to finish this process with an end product that is compelling and mature enough to share, I'll do so. If not, I start over.
This very same philosophy is practiced in a kitchen. It's easy to get too indulgent with one ingredient, or not go bold enough with another. Cooking is a constant evolution of knowledge and technique put into practice. So when you goof up a recipe, you can only ask yourself two questions: can I adjust? Or do I start over?
At the end of the day, cooks have to make the same decision as writers; they have to ask themselves if what they've made is delicious or merely palatable- if the plate is its best, or if they've settled on sufficiency. 
Creating My next signature "dish" is what keeps me hungry.