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Essayist, copywriter, poet, cook

Hunger creates unforgettable work. 

Cooking and writing use the exact same methodology- they're both crafts of exhaustive research, technique, and time. Compelling end results, both plates and pieces, are the product of endless hours of experimentation and adaptation. And at the end of the day, cooks and writers must ask themselves the same question: have I created something truly delicious, or merely palatable?
When my food and sentence structures became stale, I did myself a favor and got a job in a professional kitchen. It was there I discovered this link, and also began connecting the dots between food and feelings: the ways simple ingredients and dishes make us feel comforted, disturbed, moved, vulnerable, and inspired. 
While it's this that excites me most, I approach all of my endeavors with passion, professionalism, attention to detail, and originality. In combination with my relentless curiosity and years of widely varied experience, this is a recipe I feel confident serving to anyone starving for a little perspective.

Please find links to my portfolio, resume, & contact information below and above.